The advantages of efficient machines are not lost on Dell, and probably not on Dell's customers either. Everyone, especially companies that may have dozens of even hundreds of workstations, knows how much a power bill can hurt. Reaching out to those who want to reduce energy consumption, Dell has introduced an energy-efficient OptiPlex.

The new OptiPlex has achieved Energy Star 4.0 compliance along with a "Gold" rating from EPEAT, all while trying to include newer technology that won't skimp on performance. The machine can include up to 4GB of DDR2 and a Core 2 Duo CPU, though the efficiency rating may restrict what graphics cards are available for it. Obviously, they want to attract attention by companies looking to cut power draw:

"Our commitment to customers is to eliminate complexity throughout the lifecycle of their IT assets," said Dell Product Group director Darrel Ward. "We designed the OptiPlex 755 to be the most flexible and versatile business desktop available to date with innovations in systems management, eco-design and services."
While power consumption is only a part of "green" computing, it is a very noticeable one. Dell is doing a good thing here. The product page for the units does not list their overall power draw, however, which would have been something worth including.