It has been little over a week since 2K Games rolled out the new BioShock PC demo, containing the first 45 minutes of the game along with a beginning cinematic that establishes the setting and beginning plot line. The game, which has since been released in its full version, has been receiving raving reviews for delivering superb gameplay, combined with an irresistibly sinister, engrossing narrative and awesome graphics.

Some already call BioShock the benchmark against which games for years to come will, and indeed must, be measured. If you don't already plan to purchase a copy, you can head over to our download section and download the PC demo for this epic adventure - and don't forget to grab the latest update for your NVIDIA or ATI card.

In other news, Electronic Arts announced it would be releasing a free demo for its highly anticipated, graphically impressive PC shooter Crysis on September 25 - the same day Bungie's Halo 3 hits the Xbox 360. The demo will comprise the entire first level in Crysis, giving gamers a chance to experience the open-ended level design and put their PC hardware to the test.