2K Games yesterday released the PC demo for its much-anticipated BioShock game, which has been harvesting review scores through the roof on its Xbox 360 version released last week. This is the latest game to support DirectX 10, and as it is to be expected, it is accompanied by rushed-out beta drivers from card makers to fix bugs and improve performance.

Both AMD and Nvidia have released new drivers that help to ensure optimal compatibility with the game.

ATI has released what they call a "Hotfix" driver, which applies to all Radeon 9x00, X1000, and HD 2000 series cards and addresses the following symptom: "Users may experience stuttering with Preload, Missing / black surfaces and / or display corruption." The new Catalyst driver can be downloaded from this page for both Windows Vista and Windows XP.

If you're sporting an Nvidia card under your hood, regardless of whether it's a GeForce 6, 7, or 8 series GPU, you'll want to grab the new ForceWare 163.44 drivers available in Windows Vista 32bit and 64bit, Windows XP, Windows XP 64bit, and Windows Server 2003 64bit flavors.