Even though we're closing in on the first anniversary of the PlayStation 3, the older but more successful PlayStation 2 console is getting a little makeover in time for the holiday season, and will sit in stores alongside the current crop of next-gen consoles - at least in the United States.

Sony Computer Entertainment America has announced a new limited edition 'Ceramic White' PS2 to come bundled with casual gaming hit SingStar Pop, two USB microphones, and a single white Dual-Shock controller. The new bundle will be available in November for a suggested retail price of around $150.

At that price point, Sony is hoping the PS2 will lure some casual gamers away from the Wii this holiday season. With an installed base of about 117 million PS2 consoles worldwide, it makes sense for Sony to keep squeezing a profit from this best seller, which continues to rank as the second-best-selling console almost every month - ahead of the PS3 and the Xbox 360.