With the immense amount of bad press that SCO has received the past few years, along with several defeats in court, you'd think their CEO would try to stay out of the spotlight. To the contrary, Darl McBride, CEO of SCO, was recently interviewed by InformationWeek. They ask some pretty blatant questions, and get some pretty blatant responses from the CEO, who lashes out at Novell and other companies.

Not only does SCO plan to appeal a recent ruling in Novells favor, but apparently the ruling was a complete surprise to them:

McBride: The ruling that came down was a pretty hard shot. It was unexpected, a surprise. It was a huge disappointment. What I really wanted was to have our day in court in front of a jury of our peers. This ruling that came down basically took that opportunity away from us.
He also claims that Novell is violating various contract terms such as no-compete clauses and that the Judges recently ruling does not mean they owe Novell anything. He was also prompted about their ailing money situation - and whether or not he thinks the company has even enough money to sustain itself. Interestingly, he gave a clue as to what the companies contingency plan might entail:

McBride: If there was a big judgment we're staring at, we haven't gone out and shopped this mobility play. There are licensing deals, joint venture deals we could do. If we had to collect cash we could even sell off the entire mobility business. But we wouldn't do that unless we had to.
If you have been following the SCO cases, this is a very interesting interview to read. The bottom line for SCO is that they refuse to quit, and will continue to fight.