You've got to be kidding me on this one. A company known as DualCor, who announced at the 2006 CES they would be releasing their own UMPC product, has seen it fit to drag Intel to court. They are taking them to court over use of the phrase "Dual Core", in what has to be one of the most ridiculous lawsuits this year.

DualCor, which uses Intel technology in their UMPC products, claims that Intel's useof "Dual Core" is confusing or otherwise deceitful to potential DualCor customers, particularly since DualCor is a company that almost no one has heard of.

Of course, Intel thinks the suit is without merit. "Dual Core", after all, is simply describing the CPU involved - and isn't a trademarked slogan of any sort. AMD uses the term "Dual Core" as well to describe their X2 line, and just about every PC vendor in the world has been throwing it around as an easy way to say "Processor with multiple cores on a single die". I hope for everyone's sake that this case is tossed out as soon as it makes it to court.