Looking to further boost storage capacity in today's HDD-based portable devices, Toshiba Storage Device Division yesterday announced two new 1.8-inch hard disks drives. The first one is the MK1626GCB HDD that has 160GB storage capacity, while the other one is the 80GB MK8022GAA HDD.

The 160GB model uses a dual-platter design and measures 8 millimeters high. The drive is Toshiba's first to use the CE-ATA interface, which is designed for optimal performance and power utilization in small devices. The 80GB model features a single-platter design and is 5mm high. Both units spin at a relatively slow speed of 3600rpm and feature data transfer rates of up to 52Mbps and 66Mbps for the 160GB and 80GB models respectively.

Interestingly, the capacities of Toshiba's new drives also happen to be the same memory size as the iPod classic models announced yesterday. Apple hasn't discussed what components are used inside its iPods, however.

No prices or availability dates were mentioned at this stage but the drives are likely to make its way into digital audio players, computer notebooks and other portable devices in time for the holiday season.