Earlier this year, Dell began selling Ubuntu powered laptops and desktops in the US market as result of an initiative which asked the community ideas for its products. Now, Lenovo also seems to be interested in offering Linux powered machines for the enthusiast market.

The company recently started offering SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop on its T-Series ThinkPads for its mainstream business users. But in a recent blog post, Lenovo's worldwide competitive analyst Matt Kohut said that the company is realizing that they are spending way too much time on the enterprise market and not enough on the enthusiast market, noting that there are "a lot of people running Linux out there, especially on their ThinkPads".

"[Lenovo is] not anti-Linux and I'm not anti-Linux. Like other vendors we're trying to figure out what our strategy should be," Said Kohut.
Kohut opened up a survey to see which desktop Linux ThinkPad customers would like Lenovo to offer. So far, Ubuntu is clearly the Linux distro that enthusiasts want to see from Lenovo.