Unlocks the iPhone began to trickle out onto the net not long after its release. Many of them were complicated or required risky measures that many were unable to handle. Everything changed last month, when a software-only unlock was discovered and announced by some of the creators.

After controversies and delays, iPhoneSimFree has decided to go retail. Countering both Apple and AT&T, they are now making the software available for sale, at four different retailers around the world. For anywhere from $50 to $100, you can pay to have your phone unlocked so that you may use it with a provider other than AT&T. For some reason I have a feeling that AT&T is going to be very angry over this.

If you are an iPhone user, is spending another $50 to $100 on top of what you've already sunk into the unit worth getting it unlocked? For that matter, will Apple eventually come around and decide letting people unlock their phone is better in the long run, and do it for free?