Lenovo today announced its newest energy-efficient line with the ThinkCentre A61e desktop, codenamed Blue Sky for its environmental attributes. This small form factor PC is designed to run using only 45 watts of power with either AMD Athlon 64 X2 dual core or Sempron single core processors.

"The importance of maximizing energy efficiency and being environmentally conscious is touching all aspects of our daily lives. Lenovo is committed to providing an extensive menu of environmentally-responsible, energy-efficient technology choices, and the ThinkCentre A61e desktop is our signature item," said Peter Schrady, head of Lenovo's Emerging Products Business Unit.
The ThinkCentre A61e is Lenovo's smallest, quietest and most energy-efficient desktop yet. It takes up 25 percent less space than its previous small form factor desktop model and weighs in at a mere 8 pounds. In addition, Lenovo's Blue Sky can also be powered by an optional solar panel. The ThinkCentre A61e desktop will sell for about $399 and will be available in October. The $399 price doesn't include keyboard or monitor, though.