Qualcomm hasn't gotten much of a break. With several defeats in court and Broadcom basically walking all over them, they went to the Court of Appeals to try and overturn earlier judgments against them, for obvious reasons. They are losing customers fast. Fortunately for them, yesterday they managed to get a break from the courts.

While the actual ban imposed on the company barring their customers from using Qualcomm chips was not lifted, it was stayed, giving them and their customers a breath of relief, if only for a short time:

But in a rare legal victory this year for San Diego-based Qualcomm, the Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit ordered a stay of the ban for third parties using Qualcomm chips since Broadcom, of Irvine, Calif., had filed the ITC complaint against only Qualcomm.
Qualcomm itself is still under an import ban issued by the ITC, and is still facing trouble. The company behind the legal attacks, Broadcom, has been taking former customers of Qualcomm for their own.