You may remember a few years ago we opened a TechSpot staff blog which was later closed as we weren't paying much attention to it.

Well, for the past month or so I have been struggling with a bunch of ideas that I wanted to get out of my head. I knew TechSpot's frontpage was not the place to do so (especially with the awesome news coverage we are getting these days from Justin and Jose), and opening a separate site just to blog about "my stuff" did not seem like a good solution either. After all, at least half of what I wanted to write about is related to the TS or computers, so I think I will settle once again with my idea of a Wordpress installation neatly placed on TechSpot's server.

So here we go, the new TechSpot blog is now live.

I have added a few posts already, so take a look and visit back later for more content, too. If you see anything broken or just want to leave feedback you can contact me directly or comment in the blog. See you there.