Qualcomm has been having a tough time in the U.S. as their struggle with Broadcom puts them on the losing end. They are having customers ditch them and isn't getting any help from the Government.

Their woes don't end outside the U.S., however, as they are now facing an antitrust probe from the EU. Several big name companies, such as Matsushita, Nokia, Broadcom, NEC, TI and others have complained that Qualcomm's prices on their hardware have been unreasonable, to the point where they want outside regulation involved:

The companies that complained about Qualcomm have said it charged the same for using its patents for new technology as it did for an older system, even though its patents account for a far smaller percentage of the new system.
This is just a probe, and perhaps Qualcomm is fully justified in having their prices the way they do. Regardless, it still not good news for the company who is fighting so many battles.