While most of the attention on processors goes to desktop and server CPUs, a huge portion of the market is geared around embedded systems. That is exclusively true for devices like phones and media players, where companies like Intel and AMD are also competing with other less known companies like ARM.

Recently, ARM has introduced their plans for new processors in their Cortex line, which was initially brought to the market in 2005. The ARM is an immensely popular processor among embedded manufacturers, and odds are if you have a PDA there's an ARM CPU powering it. Last month, Intel made suggestions that they were going to aggressively move into this territory. Currently, ARM has a huge advantage over Intel with power consumption - and likely their newer CPUs over the next few years will seek to retain that advantage.

Intel is already trying to thief away some of ARM's customers, such as Apple, who rely on ARM cpus for the iPhone. That could change, with rumors of Apple considering Intel's newer mobile units for use in iPhones at the end of this decade.