Since the inception of the HD DVD vs Blu-ray war, I have always believed that ultimately it will be a dual-format unit that comes out on top. The manufacturers can attack each other all they want, but with so many big players on either side it seems that the consumer will always opt for a drive or system that can handle it all.

That seems to becoming more true as time goes on, with hybrid HD-DVD/Blu-ray drives coming down vastly in price. Now, we find out that HP is offering Pavilion systems stock with just such a drive. In three of their new Pavilion models, you have the option of selecting an HD DVD driver, a Blu-ray drive, or some variation thereof:

The d4995t, m9000t and m9000z all give users the option of purchasing a vanilla dual-layer DVD burner, an HD DVD / Blu-ray combo player (that also burns DVDs), or a drive that burns Blu-ray / DVD and reads HD DVD. Additionally, a number of lesser-spec'd rigs also provide users the option of picking up an HD combo drive of some sort...
Maybe not so much in the set-top box market, but at least in the PC market I think we will continue to see vendor adoption like this. HP seems to be testing the waters here, with so many different choices, but I hope they will expand this to their full line in the future.