While Microsoft's long-awaited Windows Home Server may not be available via pre-installed hardware offerings from launch partners such as HP and Gateway yet, over the weekend, US retailers Buy.com and Newegg.com began selling the OEM version of Microsoft Windows Home Server at $178 and $190, respectively.

Windows Server lets users connect multiple PCs in the same household and allows them to store, manage, back up, and remotely access their digital content. Microsoft notes that its OEM versions are targeted towards "system builders" only, as it hopes that inexperienced users will instead purchase a ready-made solution from one of its launch partners.

If you'd prefer to buy a home server with the software already loaded, Hewlett Packard will be releasing the 500 GB HP MediaSmart EX470 for $596 and the 1 terabyte HP MediaSmart EX475 $745 in the weeks to come, according to online retailers' leaked pricing information. Other OEM partners with plans to release Windows Home Server-based products include Fujitsu, Gateway, Iomega, LaCie and Medion.