A lesser-known Linux vendor that operates primarily in Asia has been added to the list of those who have teamed up with Microsoft. As Microsoft continues to "embrace" Linux vendors by entering into patent-licensing agreements with them, they have met with great success as well as great failure. The outcry from the Linux community as a whole has been varied, but the most part people have been opposed to the idea.

That didn't stop Turbolinux from inking a deal with Microsoft, one they claim will only benefit them. Despite that, there are concerns over this deal and all others about Microsoft's intentions. It is clearly possible that in the future they will seek to abuse these "deals" for their own gain, perhaps strongarming these vendors to act in a particular manner:

"...it's perhaps impossible not to consider the implications of Microsoft being able to leverage its joint discoveries - to which it would presumably be fully licensed - in devising a similar portal for Linspire and Novell distributions, and perhaps others."
Hopefully, larger companies like Red Hat and Canonical will not give in to Microsoft's whims.