According to DigiTime's sources at motherboard makers, Intel is planning to follow up its Bearlake G35 and P35 series of consumer-oriented chipsets with the launch of its Eaglelake series chipsets for mainstream desktop platforms in the second and third quarters of 2008.

"Eaglelake-G, the successor of the G35 and P35 targeting consumer mainstream platforms, will be paired with new ICH10 southbridges. The chips will be based on a 65nm process and come in versions with (G45) and without (P45) an integrated Intel GMA X4500 graphics core. In the third quarter Eaglelake-Q, for business platforms, will become available."
The new ICH10 Southbridge will reportedly drop PS/2 and LPT ports support, while improving power consumption. Furthermore, Intel's next-generation Eaglelake chipset family will feature the built-in 'Danbury' data protection engine, which provides hardware-based content encryption. The encryption keys are created and maintained within the chipset itself, so there's no need to place them in memory where they could be accessed by malware.

In addition, a high-end platform consisting of 45nm Nehalem-based processors and Tylersburg-DT chipsets will follow towards the end of next year, noted the sources.