For all the fun we can poke at the PlayStation 3, it is easy to forget its predecessor. The PlayStation 2 has been and continues to be the single most successful console of all time, with more than ten times the number of units sold than the Xbox 360 has. Is that supreme reign over the world of consoles coming to a close, however? Eventually it will have to, and it seems it may be approaching fast. According to recent information, sales for the PS2 have fallen dramatically in the past year:

"PlayStation 2 software sales fell 47%Y/Y to $85mn, representing a deceleration from the 33% Y/Y decline last month. While this substantial decline was inevitable, it is currently unclear whether the drop reflects consumer transition to next-gen software or weak spending patterns amongst the low-end consumer."
They also reflect the sentiment that newer consoles will continue to most likely outpace it, and sales will continue to decline for current-but-fading king. Due to poor sales of the PS3, Sony might be facing some big issues once the PS2 drops off the radar altogether.