The tech industry has been brimming with new green initiatives lately. Not wanting to be left out of all the eco-friendly chatter, D-Link has announced the industry's first range of 'Green Ethernet' products aimed at home users and small businesses.

According to the company, the new Green Ethernet switches can detect when computers are turned off and respond by powering down the corresponding port into standby mode saving up to 44 percent of the power used by each switch. Interestingly, while most desktop switches use the maximum power necessary to support cable lengths of up to 100 meters, D-Link has added a feature to dynamically measure the cable length in use and adapt power accordingly.

D-Link's Green Ethernet technology makes its debut on the company's DGS-2200 series of desktop switches. The company will follow them up in November with its energy-efficient DGS-1016D 16-port and DGS-1024 24-port high performance rack mountable switches. You can read the full press release here.