With Google's online advertising platform being so profitable, the company is very serious about expanding its reach into the mainstream media. Yesterday, the search giant's foray into television advertising received a new push after the company announced a multi-year "strategic relationship" with Nielsen, the TV audience measurement company, in a deal that will make Nielsen's demographic data on viewer audiences available to participants in the Google TV Ads program.

Launched in May this year as a trial, Google TV Ads is the company's attempt at applying their existing technologies to use television ad space more effectively. It provides a platform for buying, selling and distributing advertising, along with tracking the effectiveness of campaigns.

The Nielsen demographic data will be combined with the data Google collects through the set-top boxes from its partners, EchoStar and Astound Cable. As a result, Google will be able to provide advertisers and agencies with comprehensive information about who is watching their ads at a given time, allowing them to reach their desired audience. In addition, the deal could also expand beyond TV, as the two companies said that they would "explore a number of other opportunities" to collaborate.