What's next in the ongoing saga in Comcast vs the Internet? We're now one step below lawsuits, with consumer groups petitioning the FCC to levy fines against Comcast for their actions in stopping and/or filtering traffic on their network. While it may not be a lawsuit just yet, they certainly are asking for court-worthy fines of $195,000 per person "affected" by the problem.

The various consumer groups argue that the FCC should enforce Net Neutrality, which they haven't done in the past. Of course, in the past it was never an issue - with a few rare exceptions, traffic was just traffic on the Internet. Then again, people were not downloading gigs upon gigs of files on a daily basis, either. $195,000 is an obscene price tag to ask for someone not able to download a file, so they may just be seeking to bring the issue into a more public light, especially since Comcast wants to avoid publicity altogether.

Whether or not the FCC will actually do anything, if even care, remains to be seen.