This certainly didn't take long. Manhunt 2, which was "toned down" pseudo-voluntarily by Rockstar and Take-Two before release, was made available just two days ago. Now, many of those changes have already been unearthed and undone by hackers, resulting in "unlocked" versions of the game now surfacing. Some of these mods result in the game only being playable on modded consoles, such as a modded PSP.

Take-Two's response is largely fluff, with them merely saying they "hope" customers will not download hacked versions of the game. They didn't exactly go to great lengths to remove the material altogether, apparently, in a scenario reminiscent of the "Hot Coffee" scandal involving another Take-Two release, GTA, in 2005. Ultimately, that scandal led to their title getting pushed from the "M" rating to the "AO" rating, which is exactly what they wanted to avoid with Manhunt 2. Will the same scenario repeat itself?