Western Digital WD10EACS and Seagate 7200.11 Terabyte Hard Drive Reviews: It's the era of the terabyte and Extremetech has reviewed two drives that continue where the Hitachi 7K1000 terabyte hard drive left off. Extremetech.

Dell's Consumer PC Business Struggles: Dell this week officially restated its earnings and regained its listing status on the NASDAQ stock exchange, but all is not well in its U.S. consumer business, according to filings. PCMag.

PS2 Dropping to $99 in 2008? Nestled snugly in all those $399 PS3 rumors (which came true) was word of two other moves that were far less flashy: a drop to $499 for the 80GB SKU, and a drop to $99 for the PS2. 1up.

Canadian Study: Piracy Boosts CD Sales (and not surprisingly the story is prominently posted in a Torrent site): University of London researchers, Birgitte Andersen and Marion Frenz surveyed a large group of Canadians to find out what the effect of piracy is on music sales. The results are surprising, at least, for the music industry. TorrentFreak.