Last week news emerged that hackers had found a way past Rockstar's "toned down" version of Manhunt 2, adding the censored content back to the PSP version of the game. This obviously reminded many of the hidden sex scene or "hot coffee mod" in Gran Theft Auto: San Andreas, which ultimately led to the game's rating being changed from "Mature" to "Adults only" and retailers pulling it off shelves.

The hack in question prompted calls from various anti-violent game critics to revert the rating of the game to the AO rating that delayed its original June release. However, the ESRB has decided to stand by the Mature rating awarded to Manhunt 2 and will not be changing the rating based on the modifications made by gamers. ESRB president Patricia Vance commented that the unauthorized hacking of Manhunt 2 does not alter the fact that the game's rating makes it unmistakable that its content is solely intended for an older audience.

According to Vance, this situation differed from the 2005 "Hot Coffee" scandal stating that certain content had been hidden on that occasion, while this time the ESRB was aware of all the facts.