Internet usage in the US has reached an estimated 178 million, or 79 percent of the entire adult population, according to a recent survey conducted among 2,062 adults by Harris Interactive over the course of July through October.

Harris first began tracking Internet usage in 1995. Then, only nine percent of the population went online. However, the numbers have been steadily increasing year after year from 57 percent in 2000, 66 percent in 2002, 74 percent in 2005, and 77 percent last year. The amount of time people are spending online has also increased. The average number of hours per week that people are spending online rose to 11 hours, up from 9 hours in 2006 and 8 hours in 2005.

But perhaps most notable was the increase in people who use an alternative location besides work or home to get online, up from 22 percent in 2006 to 31 percent today - which could be, to a certain extent, attributable to the proliferation of web-enabled mobile devices. You can read the rest of the survey results here.