While most ADSL services around the world can now effectively reach speeds between 1 and 24Mbps, an Australian researcher called John Papandriopoulos claims he has come up with a way to boost ordinary ADSL lines up to speeds of 100Mbps.

According to the researcher, crosstalk interference in today's DSL networks effectively produce noise onto other lines, and this noise reduces the speed of a DSL connection. As part of his PhD thesis at the University of Melbourne, Papandriopoulos outlined an algorithm to minimize that interference and thus maximize the line speed.

One of the external experts reviewing the research, John Cioffi (known by some as the father of DSL), was so impressed that he offered him a job at his start-up company, ASSIA, which is developing ways to optimize the performance of DSL networks. Papandriopoulos says he has applied for two patents on his discovery and expects commercial applications of his technology to surface within two to three years if successfully licensed to equipment vendors.