Evesham is unveiling a new performance laptop today, this one using a Core 2 Extreme processor and coming loaded to the brim with high-performance equipment. For a hefty pricetag of almost $3900, you can get the NX600-HDX laptop, an addition to their existing N6 series that sports a 2.8GHz Core 2 Extreme, 4GB of RAM, a 512MB GeForce 8700M GT and a 17" screen.

Evesham isn't the only vendor going to extreme lengths to make beefy notebooks. Vendors like Alienware and Acer also have given it a go, and more often we're seeing laptops that do amazing tricks like SLI or RAID-0.

Notebooks as replacement desktops is almost the norm these days, with more and more vendors offering a lot of performance tightly compressed into a tiny unit. With the advent of dual and quad core mobile processors and a host of other high-performance equipment being feasible for a mobile, the only setback now is price. You can read more about the NX600 at their site.