Dell has released pricing information for their almost-ready XPS One desktop series, which they tout as a well-rounded set of machines for almost anyone. Starting at around $1500 and going up to as high as $2400, four separate models will be made available.

They share a few common traits, such as all offering a 20" LCD, 2GB of RAM and a TV tuner. The "slower" units will feature a Core 2 Duo E4500 and rely on integrated graphics, whereas the faster machines will offer discrete graphics and larger hard drives than the others. The most interesting note for the whole series, though, is the slot-loading Blu-ray player available on the higher end model. "All-in-one" desktops coming stock with TV Tuners and HD players is something that used to be only possible for those in the DIY market.

It wasn't too far long ago when no one would ever even fathom the word "Dell" being associated with performance or even midrange machines. They, along with other big-name manufacturers, have really done a 180 in terms of responding to enthusiasts or power users who wanted fast hardware without having to put it all together themselves.