The RIAA is facing more setbacks in their crusade against college students, with a federal judge threatening to quash their subpoena if they cannot justify it. In particular, one of the people blanket-targeted by the RIAA at GWU a month ago has demanded that the RIAA justify their own demand for information before the information is released. It seems that the law the RIAA is relying upon to force Universities to cough up student information like IP addresses and names isn't the correct one:

Doe three argued that, since GWU is a university and not a cable provider, the CCPA could not be used to authorize a subpoena.
What makes this most interesting is that the law in question is one what the RIAA has almost exclusively relied upon since their assault against college students began. Should this student get his way, the RIAA might be left stuck in a bigger rut than they are in now - especially if other college students follow along.