How do you convince people to both simultaneously buy the still-unpopular PS3 and push Blu-ray adoption at the same time? Simple. Give them $300 in free movies. At least one chain store in the U.S. has been rumored to be planning a sale at the end of this week in which anyone buying the 80GB PS3 will get 10 free Blu-ray titles, with certain restrictions, not including the five you can already get from Sony for purchasing the same unit.

Whereas $500 for a console that has yet to see mass adoption might seem like a bit of a ripoff, spending the same amount of money and getting a box full of hi-def movies along with it actually makes it seem appealing. One might infer that this is a desperate plea to unload the 80GB PS3s off store shelves, though it's not one that Blu-ray alone shares. Other vendors, such as, have also resorted to tactics such as hurling handfuls of free movies at people picking up new HD players.

The fight between Blu-ray and HD continues to get more interesting, but so long as hardware prices continue to drop it is just good news for us all.