It looks like Unreal Tournament 3 for the PlayStation 3 will available in time for the holidays after all, despite earlier reports indicating the contrary. According to Epic Games vice president Mark Rein, the PS3 incarnation of the shooter has been finished and sent off to manufacturing.

Midway has started talking to retailers to figure out an exact date for the release, but Rein expects the game to ship on December 10 with store availability in the days following. This is great news for Sony and PS3 owners, especially after the recent delay of two of the console's key titles for the holiday season: Haze and Splinter Cell Conviction.

European gamers will have to wait a little longer, though. Rein confirmed that some localization issues will prevent the title from hitting that market until early next year. The Xbox 360 version of the game is also expected to launch in early 2008, while on the PC front the title has already been released and is currently available.