France Sets Sanctions Against Internet Piracy: Internet users in France who frequently download music or films illegally risk losing Web access under a new anti-piracy system unveiled on Friday. NY Times.'s Kindle e-Book Reader Sold Out: What is not clear is if this is part of a publicity stunt or if this is already lining up to be a game changer. There haven't been any formal figures as to how many readers have really been sold and there wasn't coverage on how many were being made for the first launch. MarketWatch.

Latest Cut in DVD-Player Duel: Prices: Analysts say they don't expect the format battle to be decided until late next year at the earliest when more consumers will have high-definition TVs, prices on players will likely come down further, and more movies will be available. Wall Street Journal.

Leopard Mail Called Security Risk: An old Apple Mail flaw, patched in earlier versions of the Mac OS, reappears in Leopard, security researchers say. PC World.