VIA announced today the UK availability of their new PC2500 and PC3500 motherboards, both of which are based around the C7-D processor. The boards are aimed at embedded and low power platforms that need all the functionality of a PC, such as media centers, car PCs and a myriad of other tasks that VIA's boards are popular for.

These boards have already been around for a while yet, but availability has been limited. Obviously with increased regional reach VIA opens themselves up to better sales, always a good thing for a company that is a drop in the bucket. The boards are actually quite intriguing, and with an impressive maximum power output of 20W and an the average load of a mere 2W. The C7-D processor was touted as the an addition to their carbon-free computing initiative that strives to appeal to the more green-friendly IT people in the world.

You can read the full press release at VIA's site.