Another flaw present in QuickTime is becoming a target for would-be attackers, who are trying to use the hole to compromise peoples computers. The relatively new flaw was made known late last month, and is yet another flaw in QuickTime that is cross-platform, making it especially interesting and dangerous. It's confirmed to be present in various different environments, including XP, Vista, OS X 1.4 and Leopard. It is also browser-independent.

Apple has not yet released a fix for the hole, so at the moment third parties like Symantec are suggesting various fixes... including uninstalling QuickTime. I doubt many will go to such lengths, but with people even suggesting steps that drastic perhaps Apple should accelerate the release of a patch.

QuickTime has been receiving a lot of bad press this year. It has had numerous flaws discovered, many of which are severe security vulnerabilities. As it is a cross-platform application it has the potential to be more of a threat and thus is getting more bad attention, but likely the increased success of OS X since its inception has a lot to do with it. Apple cannot afford to delay on getting fixes for these vulnerabilities out. Unless, of course, they want to be in the same boat as Microsoft.