Intel will be adding another unit to their upcoming Eaglelake chipsets, also known as 4 series, introducing the G43. The G43 will be the successor to the “low end” G35, P35, G33 and G31 chipsets, aimed at the entry-level markets. It'll still have many of the features that Eaglelake touts, such as DirectX 10 support, HDCP support, the GMA 4500 core and others.

It will not be as powerful as the G45, and lack some critical features such as multiple DIMMs per channel, resulting in a maximum memory capacity of 4GB instead of the 8GB the G45 is capable of. Intel plans to release this chipset in all its flavors in the first half of 2008, where they will slowly begin to replace the existing 3 series, 945 and 965 deployments.