The folks at Hot Hardware have managed to get their hands on an ATI RV635XT board, one of the first graphics cards to launch with full DisplayPort support. Although they claim to have been testing it out for a while, they are not offering any hard numbers just yet. They have posted some pics for you to check out, though.

The DisplayPort standard is a new license-free, royalty-free digital audio and video interface which is expected to replace DVI and VGA connections eventually, at least when it comes to computers, since HDMI will likely continue to be used in consumer electronics such as set-top boxes and DVD players.

One interesting new feature that DisplayPort brings to the table is its daisy chaining capability, allowing multiple monitors to be connected to a single graphics card socket. AMD’s DisplayPort-supporting RV635 chip is expected to debut early next year as the Radeon HD 3600 series.