Is Skype in trouble? Rumors have been abounding lately about Skype's loss in value and potential buyouts, and most recently they have been “accused” of laying off employees in the U.K. While layoffs do not indicate a company about to go under they almost always indicate a company losing money and seeking not to.They do not deny the cuts are taking place, and only give vague allusions towards change and taking advantage of short-term opportunities. Not exactly the kind of speech you'd want to hear for a company reaching for longevity.

There have been several snags this year for Skype, include a massive service outage and eBay outright admitting it was a bad investment. It wasn't all bad, with a MySpace deal in the works, but it seems that they are ailing. Much like their largest VoIP competition, Vonage, Skype seems to be struggling the past year or so. If both Skype and Vonage falter, who will swoop in as the new champ for VoiP?