Sony has launched firmware version 2.10 for the PlayStation 3 console today, which will include the long-awaited DivX and VC-1 video playback codecs – although the PS3 still won’t play copyright-protected files, files encoded by using DivX 3.11, or that are 2GB or larger.

The new firmware will also add Profile 1.1 support to the PS3’s Blu-ray capabilities, enabling it to support new on-disc features such as picture-in-picture video. Additionally, a “voice changer” feature has been added with five different presets featuring high and low tones to allow users to mask the sounds of their voice when chatting on audio or video chat over the PlayStation Network. Unfortunately, there’s no in-game XMB as yet.

The update can be downloaded via the PlayStation 3 and will soon be available to download on the official firmware update website.