Backed by the Software Freedom Law Center, creators of the BusyBox open source utility have settled a second lawsuit regarding GPL violations. Developers Erik Andersen and Rob Landley argued that networking hardware maker Xterasys used BusyBox in its products without releasing the source code.

As a result of the settlement, Xterasys has agreed to cease all binary distribution of BusyBox until the SFLC confirms it has published complete corresponding source code on its website. In addition, the company has agreed to pay the BusyBox devs an undisclosed amount, appoint an open-source compliance officer, and notify those who may have received the BusyBox software from Xterasys of their GPL-granted rights.

BusyBox settled a similar lawsuit against Monsoon Multimedia in late September and is currently pursuing a lawsuit against Verizon alleging the telecom provider uses BusyBox in its FiOS broadband routers without releasing the source code to customers.