Is Best Buy still up to their old tricks? Despite having a beatdown put on them a while back for their deception of customers with an in-house website that modeled the real site in appearance, but not price, it seems they haven't learned their lesson. The company was sued earlier this year for being caught charging customers higher prices in-store then they were able to find online, using a duplicate website to catch them off guard. Despite being sued, it seems they are up to the same tricks.

It is possible to buy the hardware online – and then pick said hardware up in the retail outlet. But traveling to the retail outlet first can yield some surprising results. The company stated that the different sites exist, and shouldn't be used for price matching purposes – but obviously price matching occurs, if one can pick up hardware at a store despite buying it online. The employees are aware – and some will help customers find the correct price. The question is, why would Best Buy continue to practice this when they know it will just come back to haunt them in the long run?