Sling Media, the company behind the place-shifting technology that enables users to stream their home TV signal over the Internet, is back at CES this year with a handful of announcements including the availability date and price for their long-awaited SlingCatcher box, its first device designed to bring computer content to a TV.

Sling Catcher will be available in Q2 for $249.99 - along with the optional $49.99 SlingLink USB adapter -and will support virtually every format including XviD, DivX, WMA, and H.264. The company also announced two other new products: SlingPlayer 2.0 and SlingModem.

SlingStream 2.0 is a major update to Sling's PC video streaming software that adds Clip+Sling, allowing Slingbox users to "grab" clips of their favorite television moments á la DVR and share them online. Finally, the company unveiled the SlingModem which builds Slingbox functionality into a cable modem that could be provided directly by cable operators.