Although the anticipated second-gen Eee PC failed to make its appearance at this year's CES, Asus today confirmed that it will be fitting its next generation of Eee PCs not only with WiMAX wireless broadband technology but also with larger displays.

The company will be releasing three new models in Q2 2008, including 7-, 8-, and 8.9-inch screen models, with the latter sporting a 1024x600 resolution, up from the 800x480 in first-generation Eee PCs. Though it stopped short of giving out form factor specifications, Asus said that the 8-inch model will conserve the same form factor as the current 7-inch models - the larger screen versions will require slightly bigger units.

Reports suggest that Windows XP will be the OS of choice for the WiMAX-loaded Eee PCs, due to limited driver support for the technology in Linux. What wasn't divulged, however, was the estimated price on the upcoming lightweight laptops.