AMD has put the brakes on some CPUs in the Phenom series, setting the processor back another quarter. Originally scheduled to be released early this year. AMD is now delaying the 9700 and 9600 units until Q2. Those delays can't be good for AMD PR or for their cash flow, but they still plan on releasing at least some Phenom units in the first quarter. In particular they are aiming to still launch low-power units.

The reasons for the delay aren't cited. Rumors of the delay stemming from the CPU errata made public late last year are spreading, and that would clearly make sense, but AMD is not telling. Even worse, other rumors are floating that they won't have a 45nm part out until next year. With Intel already manufacturing 45nm parts, that puts them a significant amount of time behind, further behind than Intel was with desktop 64bit. AMD has lost their competitive edge, though I hope not for good.