Everex may not be releasing its first $399 ultraportable CloudBook until the end of this month, but that hasn't stopped the company's director of marketing, Paul Kim, from revealing details of its successor, the 9-inch CloudBook.

Asus recently confirmed that the next iteration of its Eee PC will be available with 7'', 8'' and 8.9'' displays, so Everex is just playing catch-up here hoping to snatch a piece of Asus' market share. Other possible improvements in the larger CloudBook, which has a tentative June release date, include a larger keyboard, more memory and greater storage. It too will run the Linux-derived gOS and be priced at under $500. One has to wonder, though, whether making this announcement ahead of the January 25 CloudBook launch was a good idea in the first place, as some may want to hold out for the newer model.