The dual-core Celeron, which has yet to have its viability or popularity proved in the market, already has another iteration planned for release soon. According to recent reports, a second CPU in the series, the E1400, will be released before the second half of this year. It will be quite a bit faster than the existing 1.6GHz E1200 at 2GHz, but will use the same bus speed of 800MHz and feature the same amount of L2 cache. It'll be a 65nm CPU and of course support 64-bit software. The TDP of both the E1200 and E1400 are the same at 65W.

The CPU will be extremely cheap in quantity with an estimate of a mere $53, making it one of the lowest cost CPUs available. Intel's eventual goal is to phase out the single-core Celerons as they are doing with Core CPUs.