Novell and Microsoft have made many headlines the past two years, starting when they inked a deal to begin cross-licensing technologies. Many chided Novell for their actions, even though it panned out well for the company financially. Despite Redmond and Novell having a very snug partnership in that aspect, the two companies are still at each other's throats in other arenas, such as a continuing lawsuit involving WordPerfect. Novell's assertion for a long time has been that Microsoft abused a monopoly position to stifle WordPerfect.

Now, Microsoft is asking the Supreme Court to dismiss the suit. Despite the suit involving a time frame from over a decade ago, Novell is demanding quite a chunk of change from Microsoft. Obviously today Microsoft's Office suite is very ubiquitous, though 12 years ago it wasn't quite the case. That said, Novell may still have something. Whether or not the courts will decide to dismiss the case will be made known next month.