AMD tossed a cookie to the entry-level GPU market today, with the announcement that the Radeon HD 3400 and Radeon HD 3600 series cards will now be made available. Both cards are pitched as ideal fits for low-cost PCs or quiet PCs, such as media centers where noise is a factor. To help accomplish this, the Radeon HD 3450 will be able to be passively cooled.

Both series of cards will be priced very low, with the 3400 series given an MSRP between $49 and $65, and the 3600 between $79 to $99. The cards are DirectX 10.1 compliant and support CrossFireX, which might make them a good target for "cheap" gaming cards to double up on. Both cards will be based on a 55nm process along with "Hybrid" configuration modes, allowing the cards to be used in tandem with integrated GPUs. You can read more in the official press release.

The price point of these cards, factoring in that they support DX10.1 and a slew of other features, might give AMD a boost that they need.