It's not surprising at all to learn about malicious servers being used to host malware sites. But it was surprising to learn that a lot of malware is being dished out from sites people trust. According to Websense, a whopping 51% of sites that were deemed to be serving up malware to their viewers were actually legit sites that had been compromised. Chuck one up for security precautions.

The problem here can readily be seen. Sites that are trusted are more likely to be seen frequently by people and it is more likely people will let those sites run scripts or load "potentially unsafe" content. Especially when you have whitelists or blacklists governing whether or not a computer or a person trusts a remote site. But, obviously that is where digital criminals will want to peddle their wares. Suffice to say that all content should be checked, not just suspicious content. According to Websense, this trend is also increasing. Interesting.