Many have tried to deliver full, PC-style Web browsing on a phone but results have been mixed so far. Apple's iPhone, for example, changed the mobile browsing world last year when it drew a huge following with its Safari browser. However, its lack of Flash support disappointed a few. To that end, Skyfire has created a new mobile web browser which it claims to effectively make browsing the web on a smartphone "just like browsing on a PC."

With it, you can access and interact with any website built with any technology, including dynamic Flash, advanced Ajax, Java and more. How does it work? Servers at Skyfire actually do all the heavy work when it comes to processing websites and the Skyfire "proxy" browser on your cell phone simply receives the pre-rendered pages.

One particular concern would be lag problems, but the company claims that the additional exchange of packets between phone and server won't be an issue given that the server can carry out tasks much faster than a phone. Of course, those claims will be put to the test once a substantial number of users simultaneously try to watch videos on their phones. Skyfire will be available soon for Windows Mobile devices. You can visit the site to sign up for the private beta.